I Love Just Bagels

I love love Just Bagels and was so sad yesterday when I went over to the New York Diner to get my normal 2 dozen bagels and they were closed!  I get a dozen poppy and a dozen asiago every week to 10 days. The owner suggested getting them frozen as they are already made, and that way I just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and they taste so fresh and like they were just made!! I just got off the phone with the Manager and they appear to be having problems, so we have to hope they reopen soon.

Just to let you know, I have started quite a few people on to your bagels. My sister just moved here to Orlando and she went with me last week to get herself a dozen, and
was also so dissapointed yesterday when we drove over to get more and they were closed. I was at my nail salon a few weeks ago talking about New York products with
someone who just moved here and was looking for a good New York bagel. I sent her over to the New York Diner, and she too is now hooked!

I will be heading over to Publix later this afternoon for some items, and will talk to my manager there about ordering them for their frozen food section, what a great idea!!
I will explain to him I don’t want a bagel that I have to scrap out the inside of all the dough in order to put it in the toaster, which is what their frozen bagels are like, and
what most of the bagel places in town sell. You have to believe the great taste is due to that New York water, and if a buyer sampled one they would see for themselves.

I will also check out that location you gave me to get my bagel fix, it has now been 3 days and I need a Just Bagel, my lox and cream cheese is waiting.

Thank you, any other location ideas about where to buy them here, just let me know.


It’s Been A Long Time Since I Lived In NY

It’s been such a long time since I last lived in NY and had  real bagels to enjoy on a daily basis that I actually forgot just how good a real bagel is.


A friend of mine brought me home a bagel from Starbucks and it was love at first bite. My friend also found out that Starbucks get their bagels from Just Bagels in New York.


Your bagel is even better than the ones I remember from so many years ago. I will be ordering from you, thanks for being so good at what you do.



Best Bagel I Ever Ate

Not since the 1960s and beyond have I tasted a bagel of this quality. Great bagels were a thing of the past before Just Bagels greated their master-piece in the Bronx. I love a good salted bagel fresh from the oven with butter or cream cheese better than just about anything in the whole world, along with a good cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk.

These guys nailed the creation of their masterpiece bagel and i thank them from the bottom of my stomach. My life is once again worth living, I have somethig to look forward to every morning.

Thank You Just bagels…

ryan 44